“Kirkland… who drew the play’s title from a Bonnie Raitt song about heartbreak—aims, classically, at a portrait of a disintegrating family and a flawed individual who learns his lessons too late.”  —LA Weekly | CIRCLE DANCE

“A Potent Salvo in Détente Between The Sexes….”  —Los Angeles Times | MsTRIAL

“Whether or not this dance is similar to one in your own family, some aspect of it will resonate with you, as every family has some steps it unconsciously repeats, every family steps on each other’s toes, and every family has a time when the members must hold hands and sway to each other’s rhythm.”  —SoCal.com | CIRCLE DANCE

“Devastating… Law & Order meets John Grisham.”  —New York Theatre Guide | MsTRIAL

“Timely and Important….”  —Talkin’ Broadway | MsTRIAL

“Searing! Expert Dialogue.”  —Theatre Scene | MsTRIAL 

“Kirkland leaves us with some disturbing questions.”  —Theatremania | MsTRIAL 

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