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“How to subtly swagger has to be seen in Dep Kirkland’s many-shaded performance as Jack.”


“Kirkland depicts a convincing steely determination that brooks no opposition in or out of the courtroom.

Dep Kirkland is an effectively shifty producer only interested in his investment. ‘I only know what I read in the papers,’ he declares.”

The actor’s presence is commanding… lean and trim, with piercing blue eyes, he looks like a Green Beret warrior.

New York Times | ABUNDANCE

LA Times | MsTRIAL

New York Times | COUNTRY GIRL

Backstage West | MsTRIAL

“A Potent Salvo in Détente Between the Sexes” | “In a harrowing scene that flawlessly builds accelerating dramatic tension, [Karen] goes from enticing tipsiness to panic, as she tries to stop her boss’ advances.”


“Provides knotty questions to answer…. This play is very much about something. Kirkland has a knack for turning things topsy-turvy.”

“Whether or not this dance is similar to one in your own family, some aspect of it will resonate with you.”

“Kirkland aims, classically, at a portrait of a disintegrating family and a flawed individual who learns his lessons too late.”

LA Times | MsTRIAL

Backstage West | MsTRIAL | CIRCLE DANCE


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