DEP KIRKLAND is an actor, playwright, screenwriter, author, and director.

A native of Savannah, Dep first headed to the University of Michigan to study chemical engineering — because his dad thought it was a terrific idea (and would have been – for his dad). For his next misguided adventure, he entered the legal field — because his mother thought it was a terrific idea (and would have been – for his mother) — attending the University of Georgia Law School and then  practicing privately and ultimately serving as the Chief Assistant District Attorney in Savannah, cross-designated as a federal prosecutor, and holding admissions to various state and federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

Continuing the charade of legal warrior, Dep relocated to Washington, D.C. to design, build, and direct the first Anti-Piracy Task Force for the satellite television industry, creating a national investigation network of over 60 former FBI agents, and a staff including the former Director of the FBI National Academy, the former executive head of the FBI’s ViCAP program, and the FBI liaison to Capitol Hill.

Next came a stint as a consultant to The Edison Project, a planned nationwide network of cutting-edge schools, working with Benno Schmidt, the former President of Yale University, and Hamilton Jordan, former Chief of Staff to President Carter.

After roaming these intriguing but ultimately unsatisfying universes, Dep eventually came to his senses, decided to listen to his own voice, and walked away from the legal field altogether to pursue his previously private dream of acting, writing, and directing — moving first to New York City, where he studied with the legendary Fred Kareman in his Carnegie Hall studio — and later to Los Angeles. He currently splits his time between New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and Cheyenne, Wyoming.