“How to subtly swagger has to be seen in Dep Kirkland’s many-shaded performance as Jack.” —New York Times > Abundance

“Kirkland’s performance is commanding . . . an emotionally compelling performance.” —Back Stage West > MsTRIAL

“Kirkland depicts a convincing steely determination that brooks no opposition, in or out of the courtroom.” —Los Angeles Times > MsTRIAL

“Kirkland is an effectively shifty producer only interested in his investment. ‘I only know what I read in the papers.'” —New York Times > The Country Girl

“You did an amazing job and we are honored to have you with us in our TWIN PEAKS family.” —Sabrina Sutherland, producer of TWIN PEAKS

“This play is very much about something. Kirkland has a knack for turning things topsy-turvy.” —Los Angeles Times >MsTRIAL

“A Potent Salvo in Détente Between The Sexes.” —Los Angeles Times > MsTRIAL