“How to subtly swagger has to be seen in Dep Kirkland’s many-shaded performance.” —New York Times | Abundance

“Kirkland’s presence is commanding . . . an emotionally compelling performance.” —Back Stage West | MsTRIAL

“Kirkland depicts a convincing steely determination that brooks no opposition, in or out of the courtroom.” —Los Angeles Times | MsTRIAL

“Kirkland is an effectively shifty producer only interested in his investment. ‘I only know what I read in the papers.'” —New York Times | The Country Girl


“A Potent Salvo in Détente Between The Sexes.” —Los Angeles Times | MsTRIAL

“Devastating. Law & Order Meets John Grisham.” —NY Theatre World | MsTRIAL

“Kirkland — who drew the play’s title from a Bonnie Raitt song about heartbreak — aims, classically, at a portrait of a disintegrating family and a flawed individual who learns his lessons too late.” —LA Weekly | Circle Dance

“[W]ill resonate with you, as every family has some steps it unconsciously repeats, every family steps on each other’s toes, and every family has a time when the members must hold hands and sway to each other’s rhythm.” — | Circle Dance